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haiku! dum de dum

thought you might be in the mood for some

haiku for the renewal

our eyes were like glass
a smooth gray shell
that we used for strength

i knew you were made
whole by a vine; i breathed life
for every second you gave me strength

the glass was angelic in mold
and was made perfect
by a beautiful shatter of wings

the beast let out his roar
in winter; when silence brought death
across a frozen lake

the change was innocuous
at first glance
a tear dried

the sound of sex
of water and wind was vibrant
like the motion of waking eyes

a single feather made ripples
on a shipwrecked ocean one day
after they wished back the dead

the wolf remained silent
that cold night
when the moon was full

a candle burned
it's wick to black smoke
and used the sheet of night for fuel

on a stormy night
she climbed a hill and was struck
by her own hand
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