Nicole Smith (agent_spoonman) wrote in litkids,
Nicole Smith

taking a hint from Rx

here's some music videos on YouTube.

Travis - Re-Offender
I posted the song a while back and said the music video was really good, so here it is. I have enormous love for the last image.

Cowboy Mouth - Disconnected (live)
Yummmm. Live version on Craig whoever show - how many times can you say you've seen the lead singer play the drums?

VAST - Pretty when you cry
A bit disturbing, sort of. Warning for one incidence of swearing.

Takkyu Ishino ft. Tabito Nanao - Last Scene
Omfg, older men homoeroticism. This video is funkycrazy.

I'm sorry, I tried to just do music videos, but... here are some commercials...

Dunkin Donuts Smoothie

Sprint Nextel
I ASPIRE to be those men.

Sprint Crime Deterrent
I think Sprint makes some of the bext commericals.

sadly now I must off to work go. perhaps an attic i shall seek....
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