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music from agent-spoonman

as in, i meant to post it in litkids, but forgot. so here's the music alone (all movie ranting tucked away in my personal lj), and sorry for any repeat views.

Iannis Xenakis - Concert Ph II
This is kind of a creepy song - I found the CD while browsing the library; something about sonology and "new electric music," which I assume is making music with machines or something (is too lazy to wiki it). But it's worth a listen. It's intriguing.

Better than Ezra - Misunderstood
BTE=love. I love everything about them (they're having a golf open to support New Orleans) and this song, like so many others, has a great sense of character.

Covenant - Greater than the Sun
One of those drolling, monotone-dark-techno things. I kinda like it, but I've also had the song for less than three hours.

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
OH get this - the who and the red hot chili peppers and maybe others are coming to BALTIMORE, performing at Pimlico. SOOO excited. I hope tickets (which go on sale July 22) are reasonably priced. As for this song, I really, really like the line about the coat. It makes me happy inside.

INTERLUDE. i just wiki-ed Sonology:
Sonology is the study of sound. There are many approaches, but generally it can be divided into the artistic and the scientific approaches. It is related to fields such as acoustics, electronic music, electronics, informatics, composition and psychology.

Splashdown - Waterbead
have i posted this before? i have no idea. I continue to intensely enjoy this group, and this is one of their slower songs. Beware, for it gets stuck in heads quite easily.

Gorillaz - Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
Good beats. Also in Spanish. HERMANO! (yeah but not really)

Overseer - Meteorology
Hmm. This song's just cool.

annnnndddd i think i'm done. you can tell from the degradation of song comments. enjoy.
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