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That snorkel's been just like a snorkel to me!

More of the quotage

Erin is back! (But for how long?)

I bring a round of quotes. (And there was much rejoicing.)

Ms. Boto, on hearing that Reading Strong Measures is a rare and well-respected book:
"I should lock these up, and you'd have to put down your life's savings before you could take one home for the night. And you'd have to sign them out in blood!"

Rax, in Fiction:
"I can listen and draw on people at the same time! It's a skill I have."

Lit class:
Rax: "Speak in words, you fool!"
Andrew: "I am."
Rax: "Better ones!"

Rax: "Go get something from the Commons. Now."
Elise (not feeling well): "I don't have any money..."
Rax: "I'll give you a money."
Elise: "Will you come along with me?"
Rax: "Sure, I'll come along. Moral support."

Zach, in fiction, telling a story:
"And about 3:45...I said...I said...I don't think I said anything. I just passed out."

Fiction again:
Rax: "What is a 'book'?"
Maggie: "Ooh! I think I've heard of those. They're, they're in the South Pacific..."
Rax: "Oh, those little animals?"
Maggie: "No, I think they're fish."

The teacher has just asked if anyone can define 'scene'.
Mr. Fuqua: "Rax, you look like you're ready to do that."
Rax: "No, I'm eating."
Mr. Fuqua: "Oh. I confuse the two."

Lunch! I forget how we got on this topic, but it made sense at the time:
Matt: "...I would blow up the school."
Me: "Hey, this school is cool."
Matt: "The school is fine, it's just three-fourths of the people in it. And if you ever use that rhyme again, I will..."
Me: "We're one of the top five art schools in the country. We rock."
Matt: "No, the school is cool, it's just--"
[At this point he's cut off by Andrew and me cracking up.]
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