Boris (iwishiwereboris) wrote in litkids,

haiku for the lone insomniac

also for Rax, who is a lone insomniac, but who is also somthing much much more

i first appeared to you
hollow, but look closer into my eyes
and you will see yourself drooling

we used to write one word
notes on crumplead reciets
adressed to ourselves

there was a shreak
of madness in your hair
and so you cut it off

the world stopped
when your hand moved through my journal
it was like falling through water

the universe crumpled
at your feet, a flower grew
and you held it

ive never seen you blink.
every raindrop that ever fell
you wanted to catch

i used to think my skin was made
of glass, and my eyes of clay
if only i knew but yesterday

when our hands turned
into stone, our eyes
saw the world with knives

there were fields
of flowers that we ran through
and now theyre made of glass

i saw a red river once
and so drank from it every month
but i could still not seel your pain

the swords we made
were plastic
but we bled for them

i once thought
you were made of stained glass
and then you shattered in front of me
and then i smiled with wet cheeks

the strom shook the house
into a dark void
so we lit candles and sang dial tones

you should really color the walls
with the pens up your sleeve
or hidden behind your eyes

a wave broke the silence on the beach;
people were broken by tradition
and you laughed
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